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Newsletter #4 - 12 February 2024

Last week was just crazy! I nearly drowned under all the admin. But......the coast looks clear now. First off, I am not complaining. It is going to be an epic year with the schedule that filled up so quickly. Thank you to everyone for your referrals and for adding to your services. It is greatly appreciated. Oh, and don't forget to spread some love this week. It is after all Valentine's Day on the 14th of February. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


So the schedule is packed! It has been a while since I ran such a full schedule and I am still trying to get the hang of it. I now have lists for my lists as reminders. Let's just say, it will be training wheels so that I don't forget important things and not make too many mistakes that might cause tension. But I think last week was the worst in terms of admin. I also had loads of personal things to sort out and it is year end for the business. But most are sorted and under control now. Things will now start getting a constant and efficient rhythm. Thank you for bearing with me during the first few weeks of the year.


Classroom had a huge backlog this last 2 weeks. Homework and notifications has been caught up but new classrooms still need to be propagated. I am working as fast as I can to get them up and running. I will also need new students to have their computers with them during our lessons this week as I need to get you all onto classrooms.


I am still waiting for the last batch of certificates to reach the TCL rep. It is on route to Johannesburg and you will all receive your certificates soon. I apologise for this taking so long, but some students completed their exams very late in December and as such I just wanted to make sure all certificates are received before I get them to you all. I expect this to be completed either this week or next week.


I have noticed a bit of a drop in connection with some students. This is just due to the 4 hour long load shedding we have at times. Please ensure that you have a backup you can use for lessons should you have a disruption in service either on your fibre or mobile side so we may swop between the two if necessary. Don't panic when we lose connection, just notify me via Whatsapp and connect with your backup.


Loadshedding is also severely impacting my travel times between in person students. I am always trying my very best to be on time but might be a tad bit late. I do apologies. It is something beyond my control and as such I do hope that we get lower stages very very soon.

This week is practical again and I am looking forward in hearing what you all have prepared.

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

- Albert Einstein



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