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  • How does your Schedule or Yearly Planner look for 2024?
    The schedule and planner changes quite a few times during the year. For easy reference you can find the current and updated planner for 2024 here to view.
  • Do you have a Terms and Condition document I can view?
    Yes, find attached the Terms and Conditions here for 2024 for your viewing:
  • Where are you based?
    I am based in Pretoria but only provide lessons online or at your residence. No lessons are held on my premises or at my home studio. I provide lessons in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Sandton and online all over the world.
  • Are you a qualified teacher?
    Yes I am. I have studied music at 3 different Universities where I attained my degree in Musicology as well. I have also studied engineering at NWU so am more than able to provide good guidance for Mathematics and Science.
  • What are your fees for tutoring?
    My fees vary throughout the year but it starts at R836 per month for a once a week 30 minute lesson either in person or online. There is also a once-off registration fee, a book fee if in person and a travel fee if you will be having in person lessons. I also offer group online lessons for certain subjects and topics that are available at certain periods during the year. For an accurate quote it is best to contact me via the website or via phone to discuss your needs.
  • Do you offer a trial lesson?
    No, trial lessons do not work as you won't be able to determine from one lesson whether you have a passion for music or whether we will be a good fit. I would suggest a minimum of at least 3 months of lessons to see whether you are happy with your subject and with me as tutor. Should you really require a trial lesson, I can arrange a once off session at standard lesson fee rates.
  • What platform do you use for online lessons?
    I make use of Google Classroom for delivering notes and tasks as well as for you to access lesson recordings of our sessions. I make use of Google Meet for connecting with you live during our lesson. Note taking is done via Apple Freeform.
  • Why are your tutoring fees so costly?
    On average, it is more or less in line with what other studios ask but you get so much more: - I have tried and tested experience with a very big and happy client database - I am always transparent with how I conduct business - I use adaptive methods of teaching to bring out the best potential in each student - I am flexible ensuring a well and efficient operation of the studio - I make use of both cloud based content delivery as well as hardcopies - Your lessons are recorded so you can go back to them for better progress and instruction after lessons - There is a Youtube channel with a wealth of Tutorial videos available and I also make new ones should you request something specific - The classroom is an accumulation of information you can learn from - You have 24/7 access to the cloud as well as me as tutor - Lessons are maintenance free, meaning I administrate everything so you can focus on learning and progress
  • I cannot attend a lesson, what now?
    If you cannot attend a lesson, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance so we may try and reschedule the lesson to a later date or time. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with my Terms and Conditions regarding missed lessons, lesson credit and so forth.
  • I want to cancel my lessons, how does it work?
    I require one full calendar month's notice for cancellation of my services. This means that if you give notice within March for example, lessons will run until end April. A cancellation form must be completed which you can download here.
  • Why is my progress so slow?
    There is no such thing as slow progress With music, each student progress on his/her own time and pace Your progress will depend on numerous factors, not just hard work though, hard work makes out most of how you will progress I will monitor your progress closely and should I feel that you have reached a plateau, I will inform you with alternative options regarding tutoring

All you need to know before you schedule a lesson

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