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WRMStudio was established by Werner Richards in 2011 whilst residing in Durban.  The studio then moved later to Pretoria were it was rebuilt again to become one of the most sought after private teachings studios in the Pretoria and Johannesburg region.  The mission has and always will be to enrich, educate and nurture each student and client's musical needs and aspirations and create an inextinguishable legacy no matter what circumstances society faces.

Below is a condensed summary of what WRMStudio have been up to over its 10 years of operation.  WRMStudio is proud to not only list it's accomplishments but also it's times of difficulty as it reflects on the character and what you as prospective student can expect.















WRMStudio is established in Durban.

Piano Tuition only.

WRMStudio moves to Pretoria.

Temporarily closes for new market research.

Basic Audio Services available only.

WRMStudio reopens in the Pretoria area.

Piano Tuition only.

WRMStudio expands to Rivonia Primary School, Sandton.

WRMStudio launches the Quaver magazine to attract more attention.

The Student competition is established to encourage all students to deliver their best at all times.

WRMStudio starts working with Embassy children offering a more intense curriculum while residing in South Africa.

WRMStudio expands its subject offering to include Mathematics and Computer Programming.

WRMStudio continues to expand in the Pretoria and Sandton area.

Offers tuition in Piano and Mathematics.

WRMStudio branches out to Youtube and the studio channel is established.

WRMStudio starts offering at home music lessons as a permanent solution and starts servicing all outlying areas between Pretoria and Midrand.

WRMStudio expands it curriculum offering including Voice, Ukelele and Guitar in its offerings.

WRMStudio's Youtube channel grows to 3000 subscribers.

WRMStudio forgoes voice as subject but adds Afrikaans second language to English speaking students.

COVID-19 hits the world.

WRMStudio closes its doors and restructures.

Focus is placed on Youtube and online video tutorials.

The YouTube channel grows to 5000 subscribers.

The first version of online lessons are established mid year.  

COVID-19 continues.

WRMStudio rolls out both in person and online lessons.

An improved online lesson platform is used which improves efficiency and reliably exponentially.

The YouTube channel grows to 7000 subscribers.

A new and improved website is created and WRMStudio focusses on building it's own permanent international brand.

The world slowly returns to normal.

WRMStudio starts offering Science tuition for Grade 10 due to high demand from current students.

The YouTube channel grows close to 10 000 subscribers.

Presence on Social Media platforms is restarted.

WRMStudio starts offering Science tuition for Grade 11 due to high demand from current students.

The YouTube channel hits 10 000 subscribers.

Presence on Social Media platforms is expanded.

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