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"Mathematics can be a scary mountain to climb during childhood, especially in a country such as South Africa where the education system fails the children on a daily basis.  I have come across so many students during my years that developed a fear for the subject and just gave into the idea that they are just not smart enough.  The problem with today's education is that students often get left behind with unanswered questions, limited futures and very little confidence.  I too was one of those students, having nearly fail math at High School level.  If I knew back then what I know now, I would have found someone to nurture and guide my skills and who speaks in my why of thinking.  We are all unique and as such we require indivdual focus.  This is what math is all about when you do tutoring with me.  I am passionate not only in teaching the material but teaching you the skills of being confident to any information that might be abstract.  The truth is, math is for everyone.  We all can be good at math with the right focus, attention and help. 

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