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Hello, you have reached my photography section.  I am a photographer that loves to work in many different styles of photography but favors nature, floral and portrait photography.  Please feel free to look at my work and if works that are on sale interests you, get in contact with me. 

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my story

Since little, I have been taking photos.  I remember my first camera I had was an instant kodak film camera. I used to spend lots of money buying film and getting them developed.  Freezing moments in time was always a fascinating thing for me to do.  Over the last few years it evolved into more than just a hobby. 

With the development of new imaging technology, especially with the movement from DSLR to Mirrorless format, I have decided to give the new Mirrorless format a go and the versatility is both impressive and amazing.  I currently shoot on Canon and make use of a variety of lenses to realize my artistic goal of each capture.  

I am also participating in numerous online photo awards and till date have received 65 awards of which 21 are expert commendations.  I also participate in the international 52 Frames challenges to help expand, improve and broaden my creative horizons.

Though I shoot mainly as a hobby, some of my works are on sale and I am open to bookings for basic, small or simple photoshoots.  I am also open to exclusive and custom commissions similar to the art painting series I am currently working on.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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